Friday, October 9, 2009

Burger Bash!

On Tuesday, Marta, Ashley and I went back to Art Restaurant for their burger bash. Seven courses of burgers!
First course was 3 patties-hanger steak, bison, and kobe beef. The kobe had to be my favorite.

Next the course was lobster burger. It was served on a crispy wonton.

Third course was a duck burger with a scrambled duck egg on top. It was like decadent breakfast sandwich.

Next was the lamb burger with tzatziki sauce (I still have yet to attempt to make this on my own).

The next course was a venison burger with a pretzel bun and shoestring potatoes. I could have eaten a whole plate of shoestring potatoes. 

The next course was a surprise. The menu said cheese plate, but I wasn't expecting this:

A burger made of cheese. It was good. There was piece of honeydew melon inside that really helped break up the cheesiness.
The last plate was dessert. A chocolate mousse in the shape of a burger on a cookie bun, 3 pieces of frozen fruit (to mimic french fries) and raspberry sauce and passion fruit sauce. It was delicious.

I thought I was going to be stuffed at the end of the meal. But they brought out the food slowly so we had plenty of time to digest our burger before the next course. I think I liked the first burger patties the best. It was a fun evening. I would do it again.


  1. Ooh a duck burger. Interesting.

    Ah Tzatziki, we haven't tried it in a while but we always wind up with way more than we ever use.

  2. Wow - how fun. Burgers for dessert.


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