Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Wish I Was Cool Enough

To wear clothes like this:

Sure I could buy them. But where would I wear them? I'm just not goth enough to wear them.


  1. Ren faires!

    Otherwise, yeah aside from costume parties you'd get a lot of stares if you wore that to the grocery store.

  2. Eh, not really my style.
    Of course, mostly because the corsets look a little painful. That, and I don't really have the heaving bossoms to fill out the tops. ;-)

  3. Wow, yeah I wish so too, but I would not be brave enough

  4. I not only wish I was cool enough but also thin enough to wear this!!!

  5. The black and red one of the bottom is great!!

  6. I would totally wear the black and white one to a fancy party but I am never envited to one. Perhaps the hubby would appreciate a private dress up party?


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