Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Holiday Wish List

Since it's now December I can share things my holiday wish list. As I tell Tai anything he doesn't get me for Christmas, he can get me for my birthday (Jan) or Valentine's Day.

I'm still hoping that I can learn to sew. Tai thinks it's a lofty goal but I'd still like to try. Maybe take some classes too.


I'd like to improve my picture taking. I think I'm getting better with taking pictures with my point and shoot but there's a lot of things I feel I can't do without a DSLR. Probably cause I read too many photographer blogs.

We need an Xbox 360 to complete our video game console collection. I love fighting games and Tekken is one of my favorites to play at the arcade.
What's on your wish list?


  1. Oh, I would LOVE a DSLR camera!!! Chris and I were having this conversation this weekend:
    me "Our camera sucks."
    him "No it doesn't."
    me "Yes, it does. The clarity and color on it suck. You should see some of the pretty pictures other bloggers put up. I'm embarrassed."
    him "I want an LED TV"
    me "Whatever. We're getting a DSLR camera before we get another TV."
    him "We can't afford it right now."
    me "I can always dream."

    Other than that, I'm pretty easy - clothes, gift cards, jewelry... There's nothing that I "need" this year, other than some new work clothes and shoes.

  2. i like the new template!

    i'm not sure what my wishlist is. I'm so not ready for christmas!

  3. I love your list...I'm dusting off my sewing machine..the craft mojo is coming back. I would love to have a SLR camera!!!!!

  4. I so want to learn how to sew! Let me know if you find a class, I might be interested. Hope you and Tai are well.

  5. Stitch on, sister! I say go for it. Check out a local fabric store or community center for classes.

    Ps. I LOVE the blog look! Tres chic!

  6. I love the new template!! Looks great!


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