Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shoe Racks

At our old place I kept our shoes in an over the door show holder like this one:

But we only have 2 doors in our new place besides the front door. And neither seem to be best door to use.

We received these as wedding presents. I was very excited to put them together but they don't seem to hold anything and our shoes quickly became a mess.

I bought these a few years ago from Ikea, but I couldn't get my big shoes into them without quashing them.

 I think this might be the next thing I'll try. We won't need the space under the bed for anything else. Anyone try an under the bed shoe storage?


  1. I have the shoe racks that look like little shelves - I bought them at Target. They're nice because the shoes don't slide off of them like those other racks, but you're in trouble if your shoes are "tall" - i.e. really high heels or boots. Of course, you can put them on the top.

    I haven't used the under-bed shoe holders, but I have other plastic bins full of stuff under there. Definitely a good place to store stuff!

  2. We use shoe racks in our closet but not all fit so they pile up a bit too. Good luck!

    I love the new blog design and I hope you are loving all the space at your new place!!

    btw- I gave you a blog award :D

  3. I love this first shoe rack. Mine is similar, but with front pockets.

    I gave you the same award as Tara.

  4. I have one over the door rack that I love. I tried the closet, canvas style for my husband's shoes, but they did not fit well :(


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