Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chocolate Peppermint Wafers

For our annual holiday baking day, I knew I was going to sugar cookies. But plain sugar cookies, how blah? I was flipping through my December issue of Real Simple and came across 10 ideas for sugar cookie dough. Saved! I choose 2 of their recipes, but am highlighting just one of them today.
I made the sugar cookies, dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled crushed peppermint sticks over the chocolate part. Here's the real recipe. Quick, simple and a hit. If you need to make cookies quickly for an event I highly recommend these.


  1. I love peppermint and chocolate together. I will definitely try these. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those look so good. It was always tradition when I was little to make sugar cookies and then my sister and I were in charge of icing them with many colors of frosting.

    We'd always start with a few realistic looking santas, reigndeer and snowmen then denegrate to a fully red or green Santa with blue drops.

  3. Mmm! What a cute idea. I did some sugar cookies frosted with melted chocolate chips and green sugar last night. But I have another thing of dough--might try this!

  4. Looks cute and easy!! I bet they'd be good with white chocolate too.

  5. These look delicious...I'm printing the recipe!


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