Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures of Our New Place

We're still in the process of putting things away but I wanted to share some photos of when we first moved in.

Here's the kitchen. I'm so excited about my pantry and spice rack in the door! I know I'll get a great deal of use from that!

Here are some terrible photos of the empty living room. The couch went up against the left wall and our huge television went against the right wall.

I'm so excited about our ceiling fan in the dining room. I've never had a ceiling fan but always wanted one. 
 A washer and dryer in our unit! I haven't had a washer and dryer in the place I lived in since I lived with my folks. It's so nice and I'm enjoying the convenience.

Pictures of our huge bedroom. The pictures don't do it justice. We have so much room. Our bedroom furniture fit in there (bed, dresser, sweater chest) with half the room empty. I want to put a recliner in there!

This is the master bath. At the end of the "hall" is the toilet and shower.

And a "guest" bath near the front door! Two bathrooms. I'm so lucky.

An our own outdoor patio. This is was really a selling point for me. This is totally private. There is no need for someone to walk by or through our patio area. It's all ours to the fence. It's the length of the entire apartment! I know we'll enjoy grilling out there in the summer time!
As we decorate I'll show you my progress. Right now it's a jumble of boxes. I don't know where to put things!


  1. The new place looks awesome. I am tres jealous of the pantry/spice rack.

    Loving the new look at the blog too. Very cool.

  2. It looks great and yes that is an excellent patio!

  3. The spice rack on the door of the pantry looks nice! How convienent!! And I love that huge patio - that is such a nice feature to have in an apartment.
    Looks like a great place!

    But, I had to laugh at your ceiling fan comment!!! I've never met anyone who's said "I've always wanted a ceiling fan!" I guess down here in Texas, they are pretty much de rigeur for most places - apartments or houses. Otherwise, you'd really have to crank that air during the summer.

    I'll have to send you a picture of the "Big Ass" fan we got for our living room this summer. Technically, it's not truly from the "Big Ass" line of fans (there is one), but it's something like 62" wide. It pushes a bunch of air! I always read about and see pictures of people's pretty chandeliers in their living rooms and bedrooms, and sometimes get so jealous. But there's nothing like having a fan to cool you off at night when you're in bed.

  4. That private patio looks great! Ceiling fans are a must in the South. You should enjoy it. You may even be able to reverse it's direction in the winter and warm the room too! Look for a little switch above the blades. And the washer and dryer in the apartment? Score!

  5. Looks fantastic and I love the private patio for sure!!

    The look of your blog rocks!!

  6. Wow! Awesome apartment! You have so much room... and a pantry. I am jealous. That's one sweet patio.

  7. What a lovely kitchen. I love the pantry. It won't take long to settle in to a place as nice as that. Enjoy.

  8. your new place looks fab! i gotta admit that the thing that i love the most is the washer/dryer!

  9. how fun! i love the feel of a fresh start in a new place. it looks awesome. i agree about the patio- nice!

  10. Congrats on the new apartment! I think the built in spice rack would be my favorite part

  11. Congratulations on the new place! Enjoy that patio!!

  12. The place looked pretty tidy, I must say. I especially love the ceiling fan! We bought a new one last month, and we certainly love it. You know, a ceiling fan-slash-chandelier is just a sophisticated facelift to your home. =) Anyway, how’s it going?

    Staci Severns


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