Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Moving Pictures & New York Four

Here are two very different graphic novels that I enjoyed. First Moving Pictures:
I first read about Moving Pictures on Olduvai Reads. I'm very glad I picked it up. The story (about art and museum workers during World War II) was so beautiful. I read it twice because it was so beautiful. The art is so striking and haunting. The story is complicated but so simple at the same time. Illa is trying to protect famous works of art from the Germans. Rolf is trying to account for the art within her museum and some is missing. Moving Pictures stayed with me for a long time. Others who shared their thoughts on Moving Pictures: Bleeding Cool, The Captive Reader and Regular Ruminations.

Olduvai Reads also introduced The New York Four to me. I'm a big fan of Brian Woods. And I enjoyed this story as well. Here we meet Riley, a college freshman. Riley's not very social and sees her opportunity to break out of shell here at NYU. Riley also is able to reconnect with her sister who left home when Riley was 12. So Riley makes friends and meets a guy. The story felt so familiar. I remember going off to college, making new friends, challenging myself to be someone other than what my parents wanted. I'm really looking forward to the sequel, The New York Five. Others who shared their thoughts about The New York Four: The Infinite Bookshelf.


  1. Have you read Local by Brian Wood? It's amazing. I hope to be reading New York Four soon. Thanks for the link :)

  2. these both sound great and ones that I need to look up!


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