Monday, March 28, 2011

Pike Market Food Tour

 On Saturday, Ashley, Marta and I headed to Pike Place Market for Savor Seattle's Food Tour. I love playing tourist in my own town.
 Our second stop (our first was Starbucks) was the Daily Dozen Doughnut Company. These are must have doughnuts in Seattle. They are made fresh all day only. And they only make 4 kinds-plain, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, chocolate sprinkles.
 As you can see they are tiny. Buy a bag and stroll through the market.

Our next stop was Market Spice for a cup of tea. I love this tea. It's got a cinnamon/clove/orange taste to it. It always reminds me of home.
The next stop was Pike Place Fish. You've probably heard of it. It's the place where they throw the fish.
We had some smoked salmon and salmon candy. I wasn't a fan of the salmon candy. They said it was like jerky. It didn't taste like it to me.
Next stop was Frank's Produce. Frank's is the one place that Tai loves in Pike Place. He buys his peaches there every year and they are excellent without fail. On our trip we had honeycrisp apples and muscat grapes.
 Spring is definitely in the air!
Next stop: Pike Place Chowder for some award winning clam chowder!
Then we stopped at Chukar Cherries for some cherry salsa and yummy chocolate covered cherries.
 I'll be going back for some of their pie fillings.
Here's where the picture taking stopped. The market started to get crowded and it became harder to get pictures. Sorry! We also stopped at Beecher's Cheese for some of their Flagship Cheddar and a bite of their Mac & Cheese (it's Oprah's favorite). At Piroshky-Piroshky, we had cheese & potato piroshky and an apple piroshky. At Etta's (one of Tom Douglas' restaurants) we had crab cakes.
The tour took about 2 hours. There's very little sitting, mostly standing and walking.  It was worth it for locals and visitors alike.
Have you done a food tour?


  1. I've never done a food tour before! Looks like so much fun, and that cherry salsa sounds amazing!

  2. I want to do them all: Pike Place, the Chocolate Induldenge tour, the Coffee Crawl... Thanks for the review!

  3. Holy Food Batgirl! I so must come to your city, call you and have you take me everywhere!! I'm in love with the sights and the food!

  4. I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. Food and books 2 of my fav things. I am so glad that I am writing this right before dinner or I would be scrounging for food.

    Always Summer

  5. I have not done a food tour but I to love playing tourst in Olympia it is such fun.

  6. I always have to stop by The confectinal for the Mini Cheesecakes,Three girls bakery for some goodies to take home and Pappardelle's Pasta.

    I am going to have to check out the pie fillings though. Cherry has always been my favorite pie.


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