Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith

I choose to read The Price of Salt because I'm trying to read more LGBT fiction/non-fiction. I found The Price of Salt on one of those compilation list of LGBT books.  Overall I really liked this book.
The Price of Salt is the story of Therese, a young woman living in New York. She works in a department store and has a boyfriend, Richard. One day at work she meets this beautiful woman. Therese finds herself drawn to this woman and strikes up a friendship with her. Over time that friendship becomes more.
I know when this book came out that lesbianism was seen as something perverse. In fact in the book, she mentions that people think it's a phase. But I like how Therese and Carol's relationship is shown. Therese is young and Carol is older (and married) but they care for one another. Although sometimes I felt they were playing one another (but something I think that in contemporary romance too). I liked how things developed. It all felt very real.
I'd recommend it.  Others who shared their thoughts: Bonjour Cass, Amy Reads, Orange Sorbet and Bookish Butch.

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  1. Sounds like a great read...I'm always open to reading anything!


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