Monday, March 14, 2011

Ulta Eye Shadow

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I horde eye shadow. I have a hard time buying eye shadow then dumping a few months later. I know, ew. I'm much better with mascara and eye liner. Eye shadow doesn't touch my eye and I use a new applicator every time so I take more risks with it. How risky? I've had some eye shadows longer than I've know Tai (more than 5 years).
A few weeks ago I did an inventory and noticed there were specific colors I had multiples of as well as a few that were just dust. Since I got a gift certificate to Ulta (thank you Marta!) I headed there to replace my eye shadow collection. I'd never bought Ulta eye shadow before but I will be buying it again. When I was in they were having a Buy 2, 2 Free sale. Here's what I bought:

Both Molten and Deep Sea have sparkles in them. Not so much that you can't use it for during the day but enough to feel fancy. Molten and Truffle are my everyday favorites. All the colors hold up well all day. I'll will definitely be going back to Ulta for eye shadow.


  1. I always have a field day when I go to Ulta!

  2. I'm scared of eye I usually stay with Almay which helps me pick the right color for my eyes and exactly how to apply it!! 5th graders can put their eye makeup on better than I can!! LOL!


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