Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sex And Bacon by Sarah Katherine Lewis

There's only one word describe Lewis: bawdy. Her stories are indecent, honest and outrageous. I loved Sex And Bacon. It's full of stories about food, hunger, desire, sex and love.
I do the majority of my reading on the bus to and from work. I loved sitting there reading a book with such an outrageous title. I got a couple of double takes. I was reminded of the brown paper wrapping that used to cover books with such provocative titles.
You might think the title is meant to pull you in. Sex sells after all. You might think that Lewis keeps her stories PG-13 or maybe even close to R but no. Some of them were down right X-rated. The first story after the introduction is about salad tossing (the link is fairly safe, no pictures). Now if that's not enough to tell that Lewis isn't going to pull any punches or not bare it all for you, the second story is about sucking cock and eating pussy. If reading about either of those things isn't your style then you'll probably pass on Sex And Bacon.
But if you stick around you'll be rewarded with stories glorifying food, sex, Britney Spears, the female form and fat. Lewis advocates eschewing diets, eating more fat and loving the skin you live in. Her years of sex work taught her body is worth something, that she's worth something. She encourages men and women to stop fighting against their bodies and listen to them. Give your body what it wants: yummy food. There are some "recipes" in the book. Her description of her butter chicken made my mouth water.
Highly recommend. Others who had something to say about Sex And Bacon: Radical Vixen and Sycamore Reviews


  1. Oh, sex and bacon--a couple of my favorite things! I will have to read this one for sure. Great review!


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