Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Randomness

* I'm loving Pinterest. Friend me there.
* I haven't been posting much about food. I don't know if that will change. Tai got braces so I'll be making lots of soft foods and soup.
* I bought some garam marsala for butter chicken (yum). I love the smell. I need a lotion with that smell. I could smell it all day along. 
* I need a haircut but I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm reluctant to cut it because I'll probably do the same thing I always do. I don't feel like "wasting money". I'm waiting for a Groupon before I bite the bullet.
* I got new glasses. I usually wear contacts but I wear them too much and it's damaging my eyes. I miss my old 1992 glasses. They were huge and covered half my face! My new glasses are tiny and I have limited peripheral vision. They'll take some getting use to. 
* We've got everything set for our Portland trip in June. I wish we were going now!
* We started watching Justified. I love Timothy Olyphant.
* About once a month, I must watch Buffy's Once More With Feeling. I have the soundtrack on my iPod.
* I'm really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. It's been a long week.
* I'm on track to read more than 100 books this year. I'm pretty happy about my progress so far.
Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans?


  1. I just did a massive chop of my hair, 12.5 inches in total. 10.5 went to locks of love. Still getting used to it. Used a groupon for it.

    We're going to Portland in May! We'll be Seattle for a few days too!

    Just coloring eggs and celebrating Easter with the family this weekend! Hope you enjoy your rest tomorrow morning!

  2. I had no idea that you could wear contacts too much! I want to watch Justified too. Right now we're knee deep in Dexter and loving it!! Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!

  3. Three Things:

    (1) your is the second post I have heard about pininterst this week. Now I have to check it out!

    (2) Try the Garam Masala in PW's Chicken Tikki Masala. Heaven.

    (3) In your hundred books you should really consider reading Room by Emma Donohuge. I just finished it and it was amazing.

    Hope you go tot sleep in :)


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