Monday, April 11, 2011

Spooky Little Girl by Laurie Notaro

When I saw Spooky Little Girl on the library shelf, I squealed (quietly of course). I'm a huge fan of Notaro's other books. I was a little surprised to see this was pure fiction. Most of her other books are humorous stories about herself and trouble she gets herself into.
Ok, Spooky Little Girl is the story of Lucy. Lucy's engaged to Martin, a nice guy. She has a good job. After going to Hawaii on a girl's weekend, everything in Lucy's life goes sideways. Bye, bye Martin. Bye, bye job. Bye, bye life.
This is one very funny book. Everything I've been used in Notaro's other books, I found in this one. Lucy is so funny. Life and death have thrown her curveballs. And much like most people would be she deals with it, kicking and screaming. The other supporting characters especially her grandma also added to the drama and laughs. A few things didn't make too much sense but the story was so light and funny, I didn't sweat it too much.
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  1. I have never head about her before but after this review I do think I have to go and google a bit :)

  2. I love books that are fun and that make me laugh..sounds like a great read!

  3. I am really in a mood to read funny books lately. I'll search for this in my library. Thanks for the review.


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