Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughts on The Hunger Games Trilogy

 I can't believe it took me so long to read these books. I don't know why I resisted. This series was so good. I now know why other people loved it so much. I was converted :)
If you have not read The Hunger Games Trilogy, go now and get the books. I rarely buy books but I bought the entire series so I wouldn't have to wait to get them from the library. These are worth purchasing so you won't be anxiously waiting to read what happens next.
The first book was by far my favorite. I read it in a few hours. Catching Fire was good and Mockingjay was a little slower in my opinion. Katniss is a fantastic heroine. I loved Peeta and tolerated Gale. Even if you don't like YA or dystopian fiction, the story will suck you and keep a hold of you.
I highly recommend the whole series. I've heard they are making a movie of the series so I'll be interested to see how that compares.
 The Hunger Games Trilogy was my ninth, tenth and eleventh books for the 2011 YA Reading Challenge.


  1. I really loved these books too!! Glad you did as well!! :)

  2. These are on my "to read" list and I just requested the first from the library! I've heard a lot of great things so I'm looking forward to reading them!

  3. As you already know, I love this series. Actually I LOVED Hunger Games, liked Catching Fire, and hated Mockingjay. But that's what made it great. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Haven't read them and probably won't. Glad you enjoyed them, though.

  5. Arghhh need book 3. The library has a translation but I wanna read in Eng for once :(

  6. I was definitely a little skeptical about reading the series. It seemed like such an odd topic, and I wasn't sure how I'd enjoy it. But like everyone else, once I started I was converted, and now of course can't wait till the movies come out!


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