Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Deadline by Mira Grant

Wow, where to start. I was torn about Deadline. Pat of me didn't like it but I had trouble putting it down. Deadline definitely got under my skin.
Deadline is the second in the Newsflesh series. (Read my thoughts on the first book Feed, here.) One of the reasons I liked Feed so much was Georgia. I was looking forward to getting to Shaun, her brother, in Deadline. But due to a plot device, I wound up seeing Shaun through Georgia's eyes just like I did in the first book. That's the part I didn't like. I would have enjoyed getting to know Shaun without Georgia. But all the action (less zombies, more evil government peoples) and conspiracy theories made the book hard to put down. I had to know what happened next.
If you liked Feed you'll love Deadline. Even comes with it's own what the fuck ending! Others who shared their thoughts on Deadline: Devourer of Books, Vampifan's Word of The Undead, The Word Zombie, and Reading With Mo.


  1. eeek! Would I even dare read book 1? Zombies are scary

  2. Oh, the ENDING! I really want to listen to the audiobook just to figure out how they handled THAT.

  3. I'm seriously considering buying both of them because I need to read Feed and my son wants to read Deadline!! Great review!!


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