Thursday, July 7, 2011

Girl In Blue by Ann Rinaldi

I've been interested in reading about woman soldiers since I read The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. This one was a little different than I thought it would be but good nonetheless.
Sarah lives with an abusive father. She longs to find a way to leave her home. Upon hearing that the Union army is seeking more soldiers she devises a plan. She will dress like a boy and join the army. Sarah's story was sad. I didn't expect to be so sad. Sarah's home life is miserable. So miserable that joining the army sounds like an escape. She endures so much and manages to keep pushing on even when things are at their worst.
I did enjoy the battle scenes more in this book than other Civil War books I've read. The descriptions were very realistic and since Sarah was in the middle of Bull Run, much more interesting. I enjoyed hearing about the spies who were trading information from the North to the South. I learned more about the Civil War!
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This was my fifth read for the War Through The Generations Challenge.
 This the nineteenth book I read for the YA Reading Challenge.


  1. This was one of the first Rinaldi books I ever read. She's meticulous with her facts and always weaves a satisfying story!!

  2. This review will be featured on War Through the Generations on Sept. 19.


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