Friday, July 8, 2011

Mid Year Challenge Update

This is the first year I've done challenges (other than the Fill In The Gaps Challenge). I'll do a separate post on FITG since it's a multiple year challenge (and to give me more time to read more). I'll just talk about the challenges I'm doing for 2011 here.

War Through the Generations
I'm doing well on this one. I signed up to read 3-5 books and I've read 5. See what I've read here. I plan to read a few more plus participate in the readalong.
100+ Reading Challenge
As of today I've read 68 books. I'm on track to read more than 100! Yay!
Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge
I signed up for the Mega Size (51 books) and I've met that challenge already. Woo Hoo. Challenge complete!
YA Reading Challenge
Since I only read 12 YA books last year, I signed up for the mini challenge (only 12 books) but as of today I read 21 YA books. See what I've read here. I'll probably read more as the year goes on. There are some fantastic YA books out there. Challenge completed!
The original TBR Challenge
When I signed up I thought this would be the easiest challenge. Twelve books. Ha! But I'm so bad about reading books off a list. So far I've read 3 so far. I have 4 more of the books for the challenge sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. Sigh. I think I might have to be more diligent if I want to complete this one.

How are you doing on your challenges?

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  1. So glad you'll be joining us for the Civil War challenge read-a-long. You're doing well in your challenges!


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