Monday, July 18, 2011

My Wedding A-L

I'm totally stealing this from Jules. Since our 3rd anniversary is this week I figured this would be a fun meme to do.
I recently posted about how Tai and I met. Go here to read that story.

I think we had about 60.

Ashley and Marta

We had 4 different cakes a our wedding. Fruit cake, Black Forest cake, Swiss Chocolate and Tiramisu. We bought them from Regent Bakery. There was just a few slices left at the end of the night.
I was a two dress bride. I bought this dress:
It's pale pink. I really thought I wanted to wear a pink dress. But then as the wedding got closer I realized  I wanted a ivory/white dress. So I bought a second dress:
 Here's a picture of the back. I loved the back.
We were engaged for 13 months. It was the perfect amount of time for us.

I carried white daisies and Marta and Ashley carried orange daisies. I like how the orange popped against the brown.

Carlo, Jeff, Brian and Jamie. All fantastic guys.

I didn't really take a honeymoon. We didn't have any vacation left after the wedding so I went to work the Tuesday after we got married. I always recommend to everyone to take time off after the wedding. You are going to need it.

We went with Weddingpaperdivas and got these:

Justice of The Peace:

We were married by our good friends, Herb and Christy. In fact this was the first decision we made after deciding to get married.

I still have my dress, my shoes, my bracelet, and headpiece. Sadly my earrings broke that night. I really liked those earrings.

Ladies Night:
All pictures and description of the debauchery can be found here.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow!


  1. I loved this post Linda!! Those flowers were beautiful and I have to admit that I loved the pink dress!!! What a beautiful and simplistic wedding...the best kind IMHO!!

  2. YAY! I'm so glad you decided to do this post. I love the dress that you ended up with. The back really is pretty. The cakes all sound delicious and I think it's really special that your friends were the ones to declare you man and wife!


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