Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Wedding M-Z

And now the thrilling conclusion!
See A-L here.

I really didn't want any traditional wedding music played at our wedding. Unfortunately there was a a mix up and the music I picked out for before the wedding got lost. So when people were arriving and waiting for the wedding to begin, the music was was very traditional. Oh well.
The groomsmen entered to this:

I can't get over how 90's that song is.
Tai and his mom entered to this:

Tifa's Theme from Final Fantasy.
And Marta, Ashley, Dad and I walked in to this:

I love this song. See I told you I wasn't traditional :)
And we left to this song:

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. I just love the words to this song.
For our first dance, we used our song:

When we first started dating Tai emailed me this very video and said when I see this I think of you. I cried the first time I watched the video and heard the song. It's been our song ever since.

I love the smile on his face.

Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue:

The bracelet I bought from Etsy. The shoes were my first wedding purchase. I knew I wanted blue sparkly flip flops. And the clutch was my grandma's (dad's mom).

We went with ImageGarden Photography. I choose Andrew because he wasn't a wedding photographer but a photojournalist. I think he did a great job.

Question Popping:
I've never posted about our engagement story. It was Memorial Day 2007 and I was having a hard sleeping. At this point I had assumed that engagement was a few years away for us but Tai started asking me questions about what I thought our wedding would look like. We talked about the place, the people for hours. At the end, he says so we'll get married? And I said you didn't ask me to marry you. And he said sorry I can't get down on one knee (he has bad knees) but I still want to marry you. And I said if you are asking then I would say yes. We decided not to say anything until I had a ring but Mr Blabbermouth told all his friends the next day. Then three days later, Tai lost his job. He asked me if I still wanted to get married and I said of course. He loves to tell people how it was then he knew then I wasn't marrying him for his money :)

Our ceremony and reception were held at the same place, Tolt MacDonald Campground. We got married outside and had the reception indoors.
Tai gave a speech thanking everyone for coming. Ashley and Marta each spoke about our friendships. Brian and Carlo each spoke as well.

Trash The Dress:
I'd still love to do this.

Our wedding was at a campground. Tai camped the night before our wedding and we camped there afterwards with some of our guests.

Since this post is incredibly long already, I blogged about our vows (actually the entire ceremony) here. We wrote the entire ceremony using The Wedding Ceremony Planner. We used bits and pieces from the different ceremonies in the book.

Wedding Woes:
Something things went awry but that's expected. I already mentioned the pre-ceremony music wasn't what I wanted. We wound up with a head table even though I didn't want one. To be far, I gave Tai permission to move the tables as needed. And my dad was late. But he got there and walked me down the aisle. We just had to hold things up for a little bit.

Uh, no.

Young Kids:
We didn't have any flower girls or ring bearers. We did have some youngsters as guests though.

Are you still reading this? Damn that was long. Thanks for sticking around and reading this long wedding meme!
Happy 3rd anniversary to my wonderful hubby!


  1. Happy Anniversary my lovely wife and friend, and partner.

  2. I loved this meme and all your answers! Happy Anniversary! What a lovely look back on a lovely wedding!

  3. That is very unique that your wedding was at a campground and the weather looks like it was beautiful. I love the newlywed pic. You both look so happy!

  4. I loved everything about your wedding. It's so unique to be you instead of what everyone always expects in a wedding!!!

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