Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cloaked by Alex Flinn

Since I really liked Beastly, I was happy to pick Cloaked up off the library shelf. While Beastly had a more cohesive story line, Cloaked was very entertaining.
Johnny is tasked with a quest to save a prince. If he succeeds he will marry a princesses. All of this is very out of the ordinary to Johnny, who works in his family's shoe repair business. He goes from normal guy living a normal life to a magical world filled with giants, talking animals and witches. Unlike Beastly which follows the Beauty and the Beast story, Cloaked weaves multiple fairy tales. I'd never heard of these tales but Flinn has a brief outline of all them in the back of the book.
Overall it was a cute story. Flinn had a lot of stories to tell so there wasn't a ton of character development. But I liked Johnny and I wanted him to succeed.
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This is the twenty-second book I read for the YA Reading Challenge.


  1. is that the beastly that the movie was made from? did you see the movie?

  2. This is one that I would like to read at some point!!


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