Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Food And Loathing By Betsy Lerner

I added Food and Loathing to my tbr list after reading Sharlene's review. The second part of the title-A Life Measured Out In Calories that caught my attention. Sometimes I feel that way. That life is measure out in calories not moments.
I related to the beginning where Lerner struggles with her desire to be thin and her addiction to eating. Lerner's whole family deals with overeating so they join Overeater's Anonymous. There Betsy clings to the tenets of any the Anonymous programs. There she finds her first success at weight loss. But food isn't just her only problem. Being bipolar makes it harder for Betsy to maintain her success at weight loss. Bipolar pushes her into a mental health facility. I think her time in the facility was my favorite part. It reminded me of Girl, Interrupted but I could see why Lerner was in the facility.
I loved the honesty of her writing. I can imagine how painful some of her experiences were. Overall I enjoyed Food and Loathing. Others who shared their thoughts on Food and Loathing: Backcountry Writer, Delightful Shrinking, and Tiny Little Reading Room.
This is my fourth read for The Original TBR Challenge.


  1. Nice review. The book sounds different, ok very different from what I usually read

  2. This one sounds good. I have really tried to be good about what I'm eating and getting healthy. But at 42 I've decided that life is too short to keep beating myself up over my weight. I'm still working on getting to that place where I'm okay.


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