Monday, August 29, 2011

Enemy Women Readalong Week 4

This is week four of the Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles read-a-long. Please check out week 1week 2, and week 3 discussions.  Up to this point, you would have read through chapter 24.
This week’s discussion is for ch. 25 through the end of the book.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed the discussions so far and have commented or answered the questions.
A lot of the latter parts of the book focus on Adair’s time alone in the woods.  She sits and listens to the animals and listens for soldiers and signs of life.  Do you find her reactions to her surroundings as a lone young woman in the woods believable?
I didn't find Adair's time alone believable at all. Especially the time she spent taking long baths and sleeping nude in the sun. I'm not sure I would believe that behavior at any time period. I think the stories she told herself about the animals were to help her get through a tough situation. 
How did you feel about Major Neumann not making another appearance until the second-to-last chapter, especially considering that some of us are finding his story more interesting than Adair’s?
I was glad when Neumann came back. I enjoyed his story line. At this point I was anxious for him and Adair to reunite. 
What are your final impressions of the book?
Overall I enjoyed Enemy Women. But I hated the ending. I was really hoping for a happy ending but the ending left me confused and annoyed. I would hesitate to recommend it to someone. I thought that it would have been about more than just Adair. With a title like Enemy Women, I expected the story to include other women's stories. I felt it little letdown. 


  1. I didn't like the ending either, and I kept wondering why if there are militia in the woods why she'd spend all time sunbathing without her clothes. Sounds like you enjoyed this book more than I did, but I'm not sorry I read it. Thanks for taking part in the read-along!

  2. I agree that her time alone in the woods was not believable...and you may be right that her stories about the animals were to make her feel better. I hated the ending...what kind of lame ending was that. I agree with that title, maybe Jiles would have done better to tell stories of several women rather than just Adair.

    Thanks for joining the read-a-long!


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