Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's In My Bag

I've been wanting to do this post for a while. Shows you how exciting it is over here :)  I finally got some time to take pictures of my purse and its contents.
First my wallet. I don't carry a purse everyday. I usually drop my wallet in my work backpack. I had a hard time stuffing a purse into my backpack and I don't really need one. When I'm at work, my important cards, cash and iPhone are all I really need. And this wallet does the trick.

 There are 2 sections for cards, a place to hold my iPhone, cash and change. I looked for 2 years for this wallet and found it at Payless. I buy 2 each time I go. I think this is my fourth one. They aren't too sturdy.
On weekends and when I'm not at work, I toss everything into this purse:
I like that it's a bucket tote. It has a middle compartment that zips-very important. Plus it holds a bottle of water and a book plus all my other crap! I bought it at Kmart. Seriously.
And here's everything I had stuffed into this weekend:
1. Keys. I carry way too many keys. 
2. Hand Sanitizer. I don't go overboard with this but it comes in handy when I'm at the park. 
3. A tote in case I need it. I bought this one at Bath and Body Works for $1!
4. Wallet
5. Gum
6. Lip Gloss I've had way too long.
7. Hair Ties. I always lose them so I keep a few extra on me.
8. My big ass sun glasses. I can't remember where I got these. 
So what's in your purse?


  1. Fun :D I must remember to do this too one day

  2. I'm a bit like you...I don't carry a purse. Wallets are for me and backpacks!!! Guess I'm lazy. Here's a cool link for something you may like for your iphone!!!

  3. Great post idea! Fun to take a peak at what others carry!


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