Friday, July 27, 2012

A Million Suns by Beth Revis

I loved Across The Universe so I had to pick up A Million Suns. I had to know what happened next on the Godspeed. Revis continued the adventure wonderfully but I didn't love A Millon Suns as much as Across The Universe.
A Million Suns takes place soon after Across The Universe. The Godspeed is dealing with the reality of their situation. Elder is trying to understand his new responsibilities. Amy's trying to blend in. Nothing is really going well for anyone. The Godspeed has a lot of new problems as well as problems they don't even know about yet.
Amy stumbles on some clues that were left for her. She and sometimes Elder are trying to unravel the mystery Amy was supposed to find. The mystery seems really important but I felt it would slip from the main storyline then become the central storyline then slip into the background again. While the mystery was solved I didn't feel that it got wrapped up. I think it will play into the next book but I wanted a little more resolution to it.
I didn't like that Elder and Amy seemed to bicker a lot. A lot of stop wasting my time, no you don't understand nonsense. I think this is my issue as I forget that they are teens. I think I wanted them to grow up. But if you remember that they are just teens all the bickering makes sense.
I liked that we got more of Victria and the Doc had a larger part in the story this time. I felt like I knew Amy and Elder. I wanted to get to know more of the other people on the ship. All these stories make up the Godspeed.
Again, space is awesome. I loved all the details Revis brings into the story. She spends a lot more time showing how the ship works, how people get food, and how long the Godspeed was designed to function. And there's this really cool part in the middle of the book that makes me wish I could go into space. Wow, I was totally enthralled there.
Overall, great sequel. Just a couple of bumps there for me but I'm still really looking forward to the third book. Others who shared their thoughts on A Million Suns: Pub Writes, BookBorne, The Bookshelf Review, The YA Bookcase on Lake Street, Michelle Shouts Random, and Fyreflys' Book Blog.

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  1. I have to get past the whole space aspect of this story. I seem to get hung up on anything that sounds remotely science fiction!


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