Friday, July 13, 2012

Blackout by Mira Grant

I have been enjoying the Newsflesh series and I was anxious to complete the series. Blackout is the last in the trilogy. I couldn't wait to see how Grant was going to wrap the whole thing up. But I was a little sad to be leaving Georgia and Shaun behind. While things didn't turn out as I expected, it still was a thrilling ride.
Blackout is all Georgia and Shaun but I enjoyed hearing more about the secondary characters. I didn't think I could like anyone as much as Buffy but I actually liked Becks in this one. She wasn't my favorite in Deadline but I understood her character a lot more. Same with Maggie, Alaric, and Mahir. I felt all of these secondary characters got fleshed out more and added to the overall story. I had complained about not getting to know Shaun better in Deadline. I kind of understood him better after Blackout. But my favorite character is still Georgia. I like how the twists and turns played out. Especially since one of the twists led them to Seattle and the Microsoft campus (a scant mile my from my home). I enjoyed hearing how Seattle faired during the zombie apocalypse. Blackout is definitely full of adventure and zombie filled excitement but also has a lot of the conspiracy theory stuff that Deadline had. To me it was a perfect blend of scary thrill ride and the government's trying to kill us. I've seen books and movies get that blend wrong, so I can safely say Grant got it right. You will be on the edge of your chair with this one.
Overall highly recommended, great end to a wonderful series. I will miss Georgia and Shaun! Others who shared their thoughts on Blackout: The Mad Reviewer, My Friend Amy, and The Quiet Voice.

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