Thursday, July 5, 2012

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

-Seattle's new plastic bag ban. I went to Macy's on Tuesday and bought 3 new bras. The saleswoman denied me a free small paper bag after seeing my backpack. I asked for the bag since my backpack had my leftover lunch in it and I wasn't anxious to mingle my new bras with leftover Indian food. But the saleslady insisted and almost shoved my bras into my backpack. Remember to bring own bags to Macy's. 
-A holiday in the middle of the week. Today's going to be rough.
-Ordering a hot chocolate at Jamba Juice and being told to go to Starbucks. Uh, it's on your menu. A sorry we no longer carry that item would have sufficed.

-Tomorrow's Friday!
-Summer has arrived in Seattle. Hello dresses!
-My free burger and drink at Red Robin on Tuesday. Yay for their loyalty club.
-JCPenney's new pricing and $4 clearance rack. Hello new clothes for cheap.

What's awesome and awkward for your week?


  1. As much as I support no plastic bags, sheesh- help a sister out for some new bras!

  2. She should have just given you a bag. That was silly.

    Awkward for me - a couple of extra guests at our 4th of July party I wasn't expecting.

    Awesome - our pool's finally open.

  3. I would have demanded a bag and not left until I got one. How dare she??


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