Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd

I picked up Let Them Eat Cake because I wanted some cute chick lit. I didn't know it was Christian chick lit when I picked up. I don't usually read Christian fiction but I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I gave it a chance. It was cute. It didn't hurt that it was set in Seattle. 
I found Lexi very relatable. Lexi is in her 20's, living at home after returning from college. Lexi has gone through a few jobs, trying to find where she fits. She'd like to find a job where she can use her French language skills. Out of desperation, Lexi applies for a job at a French bakery. Lexi's parents are moving to a retirement community and Lexi needs to find her own place. 
I think this might have been the first Christian fiction novel I've read. I would definitely read more Christian chick lit. Sometimes the random bed hopping in some chick lit can get old. No sex, no swearing in Let Them Eat Cake. But the characters had some issues. Lexi's friend, Tanya, has some issues with men. Lexi's mom can be insecure. Lexi's soon to be sister in law feels her mom pushes her too much. There were no huge ah ha moments. Instead each character takes steps to change their lives. Nothing was perfect at the end but you could see changes in the female characters. 
I loved the fact that Lexi lived in West Seattle. The bakery was in downtown Seattle. She talks about places I see almost every day. That added an additional layer of enjoyment to Let Them Eat Cake for me.
Let Them Eat Cake is the first in a trilogy. I'm planning on reading the next in the series, Bon Appetit. Others who shared their thoughts on Let Them Eat Cake: A Life In Pages, Tree Swing Reading, and Hitting The Books


  1. No swearing, dunno if I could handle that. Would just make me annoyed

  2. Interesting, would you have known it was Christian if it wasn't marked anywhere? I've never read fiction set in West Seattle before, I might have to give it a chance just for that!

  3. Some christian chick lit is really good and the authors tackle some heavy issues. I'm glad that you went into it without knowing ahead of time what to expect!! I liked your fresh perspective!!


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