Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pin It and Do It Challenge: Sweet Potato, Mozzarella and Baked Eggs

I'm always looking for something different for breakfast. I love eggs and bacon but sometimes it get tired. So when I spotted this recipe for Sweet Potato, Gorgonzola and Baked Eggs, I had to pin it and make it. But when Saturday morning arrived, I didn't any gorgonzola so I substituted mozzarella.
Here's the original pin:

And here's mine:
So I used a leek in place of the red onion and mozzarella instead of gorgonzola. It was delicious. You could roast the veggies the night before and add the eggs in the morning to make this a faster breakfast. But I liked that I could put the food in the oven and do other things like tidy up the kitchen. It didn't require my complete attention.
The recipe also suggests that it be served with toast which I did. We found the toast unnecessary so I won't bother with it next time.


  1. I have to admit that when you first tweeted about this I was kind of skeptical but it does look delicious!! And I like that you subbed out the gargonzola which is yummy but can be so rich. I might have to try this one Sunday!

  2. I am loving the looks and ease of this one!!!

  3. I think this looks delicious. Especially since it looks so simple as well, I think this would be a lot of fun to make.

  4. Here in the Netherlands we don't have breakfasts like this but I will repin this for a tasty lunch! Thanks!

  5. Never in a million years would I have thought to pair sweet potatoes with eggs. But I'm going to trust you on this one and maybe even try it tomorrow!


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