Monday, January 28, 2013

Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child by Bob Spitz

I picked up Dearie because I wanted to learn more about Julia Child. Spitz does a remarkable job of collecting information about Julia's life. Sometimes it was overwhelming but I was definitely engaged in the story.
The story starts before Julia is born. Spitz does a lot of research on her dad's family. This is where I was little bored and contemplated putting Dearie aside. But I stuck through it and was rewarded with lots of Julia stories. I was especially interested to hear how she met Paul and more about their relationship. I'd read My Life In France so those parts were a little repetitive but Spitz does a good job of collecting stories that gave a deeper understanding to My Life In France. I enjoyed the parts about how she got her television show. Julia had a wicked sense of humor and constantly liked to say things that would make people laugh and blush. Spitz does a great job of letting Julia's personality shine through.
Overall I enjoyed Dearie. I'd recommend it for anyone who wanted to learn a lot more about Julia's life. Others who shared their thoughts about Dearie: Bless Their Hearts Mom, Bearing Reality, and BS in The Kitchen.

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  1. I think she would have been such an interesting person to know in real life!!!


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