Monday, January 14, 2013

Tell The Wolves I'm Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

I added Tell The Wolves I'm Home after Vivienne mentioned that it was one of her favorite reads of 2012. I'm glad I read it. It definitely different than what I normally read in a good way.
The story centers around 14 year old June. June's beloved Uncle Finn is dying of AIDS in the mid-1980's. June loves Finn very much and spends as much time as possible with him. June's sister, Greta, is not as enamored with Finn as June is and prefers to spend her time getting ready for the school play. There's a lot of quiet family drama. June's mom has a lot of unresolved issues with her brother, Finn. Greta and June are drifting apart. June develops a friendship with Finn's boyfriend, Toby. There's so much going on but in a normal way. And it all unfolds in such a beautiful way. By the end, I was so engrossed in June's life that I didn't realize how invested I felt. The whole story was satisfying.
This was not a book I would normally read but I still really enjoyed it. I would recommend it. It was a little slow in parts and sometimes a little awkward but a wonderful told story. It felt a lot like real life, not just a story. In my opinion, that's the mark of a good author. Others who shared their thoughts on Tell The Wolves I'm Home: Bibliophile By The Sea, The Lost Entwife, Respiring Thoughts, and Bird On A Pencil.


  1. I have the pinned on my 2013 board. I'm glad that you weren't totally in love with it though because now my expectations have leveled out!!

  2. I want to read this one! It came up as a candidate for this month's pick in a book club to which I belong but Life of Pi won the vote instead! I guess I'll just read it on my own anyway. Glad to see you enjoyed it.


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