Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scarlet by AC Gaughen

I picked up Scarlet from the library because I'm a sucker for anything related to Robin Hood legend. I'm glad I did. While it wasn't a perfect story it was an enjoyable ride.
Gaughen simply decided to make Will Scarlet female. I enjoyed that twist. Scarlet, as she's mostly called throughout the book, joined Robin in London. There's a lot about Scarlet that the reader and Robin Hood do not know about. Scarlet keeps things close to the chest and doesn't reveal a lot about her. Sometimes I found that irritating, all the mystery. But overall it worked.
In this retelling, Robin Hood is probably in his early to mid twenties. Scarlet, John Little, and Much are all late teens (17-19ish). I liked how John Little was flirty and was always kissing girls. I found it charming. Robin is usually the charmer but he was a little moodier in this story. Still swashbuckling and the people's hero though. I wasn't familiar with Much. He's never cropped up in the other Robin Hood stories I've read. Perhaps I need to read more.
Overall, a good story. Pretty solid beginning, looks like the first in a planned trilogy. Others who shared their thoughts on Scarlet: Paranormal Indulgence, The Sweet Bookshelf, and Passion for Novels.


  1. I'm a sucker for that awesome cover. I have to admit that the story sounds pretty cool to me!!

  2. I've seen several bloggers enjoy this. It definitely seems like the type I'd like, so I'll definitely be looking out for it.


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