Friday, April 11, 2014

The Divorce Papers by Susan Rieger

I spotted The Divorce Papers on one of those best upcoming books of 2014. It sounded funny so I added it to my library queue. I'm glad I did. The Divorce Papers was witty and charming. I enjoyed reading every minute of it.

Sophie is a criminal law attorney. Her clients are in jail and she rarely has to see them. This suits Sophie fine. But one day, one of her firm's biggest clients has a daughter, Mia, that needs a divorce attorney immediately. All the divorce attorneys for Sophie's firm are disposed and Sophie's the only one that can meet with this client. But Mia likes Sophia and, despite Sophie's lack of divorce experience, Mia chooses Sophie to be her attorney.

Told through letters, inter-office memos, court records, and emails, The Divorce Papers had me smiling and laughing. While divorces can be serious subjects and sometimes not laughing matters, Rieger makes this divorce less glum. For me, Mia was very relatable. She's got her faults and can be odd at times but she's honest and loyal. I loved her daughter, Jane. I'd love to see a novel about a grown up Jane. Sophie was also very relatable with her train of thought emails and romanic challenges. I was smiling and giggling through a lot of the book. Everyone seemed very real and that sold me on The Divorce Papers.

I wouldn't quite call The Divorce Papers a beach read. It's a little too bulky for that (480 pages!) but it is a great read for a long trip. I had a hard time putting it down. Others who shared their thoughts on The Divorce Papers: Turn The Page Reviews, That's What She Read, and It's A Book Life.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed The Divorce Papers so much! I thought it was a humorous fun read, but it was just a little too lengthy and full of legal stuff for me, but I still liked it. Great review!


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