Monday, April 21, 2014

The Read a Thon Loot-Novellas, Books, and Audiobooks

While I love having a huge pile of graphic novels to read during the read a thon, I know that sometimes I need a break from the graphic novels. So I have also been stockpiling novellas, shorter books, and audiobooks. So let's see what I have in that pile.

I see myself diving into this early in the day. I'm so excited for The One to come out in May!

I might save this one til later in the day. I know once I start it I won't want to put it down.

I recently finished Infinite but I'd love an excuse to visit Ana's world once again.

Young Adult romance? Always a good thing.

I have this one on audiobook. I've got about an hour or so left. 

What about you? What does your stack of books look like for the read a thon?

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  1. There are some great looking titles on your list. I have both The Selection Stories and The Ocean at the End of The Lane on my TBR, but as Ocean is on my boyfriend's kindle at uni that one definitely won't be a possibility for this weekend!

    I haven't decided on my readathon books yet. About my only definite read is The Assassin's Blade, but I've got a lot of possibles picked out including The Maze Runner, The Fifty-Seven Lifes of Alex Wayfare, Warm Bodies, and a few library requests that may or may not come in in time. I think I'm going to wait until Friday afternoon to see if my library requests come in and then try to narrow my choices down.

    Good luck with the readathon, and I hope you love all your choices!


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