Monday, January 19, 2015

Romancing The Duke by Tessa Dare

January is much to early in the year to have a slump. But nevertheless, I was slumping. I would read 30 pages of a book only to be bored by it. Nothing was catching my interest. My solution is fun romance by a writer I knew I liked. And I had one which also satisfies a category for  the What's In A Name Challenge (a word including "ing" in it). Bonus! And Romancing The Duke was the perfect book to break my slump.

Isolde ("Izzy") Ophelia Goodnight is penniless, hungry, and homeless. After receiving a letter from a solicitor, she journeys to a castle near the Scotland boarder. Izzy hopes that someone left her a few hundred pounds and that might help her get back on her feet. Since her father's passing, Izzy has had a hard time. Izzy's father was a well-known author of The Goodnight Tales. Due to her father's will granting her horrible cousin, the next male heir, his estate, Izzy is hoping to find her fortune in a ramshackle castle. The Duke of Rothbury has been living in his family's castle for the last eight month nursing his wounds. He's content to be alone with his valet, Duncan. Rothbury hopes to be left alone for a very long time.

Izzy is charming. She's lived her life always being thought of as the sweet little girl in the fairy tales her father was famous for. Her father's admirers have helped her get along now that her father is dead and she's penniless. Rothbury is so angry and hurt. He doesn't want anyone in his life and has successfully pushed almost everyone away but then Izzy stumbles into his life and starts to care about him. I enjoyed their romance. They almost instantly lust after one another but they get to know one another, revel their secrets. And, oh, this one's got some steamy scenes! I really liked Romancing The Duke. Another great one by Tessa Dare. I look forward to the rest of the series. Others who shared their thoughts on Romancing The Duke: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, Smexy Books, Pop Goes The Reader, and That Artsy Reader Girl.
Romancing The Duke satisfies the word including "ing" in it category for the What's In A Name Reading Challenge
This is my first read for the 2015 Historical Fiction Reading Challenge.


  1. So funny - I'm having a slump too, but I went MORE serious, not less. I think you may have done the right thing - I'm getting bogged down in Cat's Eye (Margaret Atwood, mid 1980s version).


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