Thursday, January 22, 2015

This Shattered World by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

I loved These Broken Stars and I have been eagerly awaiting This Shattered World since I read the last page of These Broken Stars. At first, I was disappointed that Lilac and Tarver were not the main characters in This Shattered World but I enjoyed my time with Jubilee and Flynn. Another fantastic novel by Spooner and Kaufman.

Jubilee Chase is a lifelong solider. Where as other recruits are marking time, getting their training, and a paycheck, Jubilee knows she's in the military for the long haul. There isn't much else left for her. Flynn Cormac has a family. A family of rebels but he belongs somewhere. But when the rebels want to fight and break the tentative peace, Flynn feels that he needs to find a way to bring both sides to talk. Flynn believes that Jubilee is the person to listen.

Jubilee and Flynn are on opposite sides of a war. But they keep coming back to each other for reasons they can't understand. At first, Jubilee would rather shoot Flynn than go along with his ideas. Flynn doesn't know why Jubilee won't listen to reason. They go back and forth, round and around for a long while. But I enjoyed their getting to know one another. The mystery of why Avon isn't terraforming as quickly as it should and what's this mysterious facility was more the focus than Jubilee and Flynn's romance. And that worked in this one. If they'd run off and forgotten saving Avon, then it wouldn't have been as good. Again, chapters are told in alternating format, Jubilee and Flynn. As the reader, you get to understand them and see them understand each other. Beautifully told story.

I'm a huge fangirl for this series. I'm anxious for the next book. Others who shared their thoughts on This Shattered World: Reading After Midnight, Fiction in Fiction in Fiction, The Book Monsters, and Mrs. ReaderPants.

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