Monday, January 12, 2015

Snow by Tracy Lynn

I put Snow on my library hold list for the 2014 What's In A Name Challenge. Alas, the book came to late for me to read it for that challenge. I still wanted to read it. I do like fairy tale retellings.

Snow is the story of Jessica, a princess of a Welsh duke. Snow's mom died when she was young and Snow's dad didn't pay her any attention as he was lost in his own grief. Years go by and Snow grows up happily in the company of servants. Snow's dad decides to remarry and brings a beautiful woman to their castle. The new duchess wants to have a baby but she's slightly older and getting pregnant is a little harder for her. The new duchess is a bit of a scientist and seems to be experimenting with ways to make a baby. The new duchess also has a musical prodigy, Alan, who befriends Snow. When Alan hears that the new duchess intends to murder Snow, Alan encourages Snow to flee the castle and head to London.

I knew this was a retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Lynn makes some changes and places Snow in what I guessed to be Regency London. The original story was there but with some fresh updates. It felt familiar but with some more modern touches.  I enjoyed this retelling. Snow was enjoyable and a quick read. Others who shared their thoughts on Snow: The Book Blog of Evil, Tales As Old As Time, Nose in A Book, and Caught Between The Pages.

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  1. Ok do not think too much..but but! A Welsh Duke? What, no no


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