Thursday, January 8, 2015

Twelve Goals for 2015

I stopped making resolutions a long time ago. It was always the same thing-lose weight and get out of debt. The getting out of debt part is done (whew!) and I'm working on the losing weight (30 lbs down). But I want to set some goals for the year. Give me something to work on.

These are my non-bookish goals. My bookish ones can be found here.

1. Make one meatless dinner a week. We are carnivores. We eat a lot of meat. But eating vegetarian one night a week would help the budget and add variety to our diet.

2. Continue working on my fitness and lose another 30 lbs. I'm having fun making my gym routine something to look forward to. I stick to things that are fun to me and I listen to an audiobook while working out. I've signed up at a yoga studio so I'm looking forward to adding yoga back to my routine.

3. Go back to meal planning.  I fell off the meal planning wagon late last year. It was really helpful budget-wise. I've got to start again.

4. Schedule one do nothing, stay home weekend a month. Sometimes we get so busy where we are out both Saturday and Sunday. Nothing gets done at home. And when that happens 3 weekends in a row, the house becomes a disaster.

5. Plan one trip with Tai this year. We talk about going somewhere for a long weekend but never follow through. Even if it's a day trip, we should plan something.

6. Get a will and other necessary estate planning documents done. I work in the aging field and know what happens when people don't plan what they want to do when they are incapacitated. I hope we won't need these documents for a long time but I want to start the conversation.

7. Clean and declutter one room a month. That would be our living room, our bedroom, our spare bedroom (ie my getting ready room), the downstairs hall closet, the upstairs hall closet, the pantry, and the kitchen. I'll even offer to help my dad with his bedroom and office.

8. Do one thing for myself a month. Get a hair cut, a massage, hang out at the spa. Sometimes months go by without me doing anything for myself.

9. Watch older movie (pre-2014) a month. I'm great a going to the movies in theaters but suck at watching older movies at home. Plus it would be something to do on those do nothing weekends. Three movies to start with: Blade Runner, 2001, and Akira.

10. Learn to make 5 Japanese dishes. I keep wanting to learn to make more Japanese food. I even have a cookbook. I just need to start doing it. And I should post about them. You all want to know about my adventures in Japanese cooking, right?

11. Stop complaining and start sharing my gratitude. I have a tendency to bitch about life's inconveniences. I have a lot to be thankful for-a wonderful, loving partner, good friends, a safe place to live, and enough money for the necessities and sometimes the luxuries.

12. Take 2 cooking classes-one skill building (like a knife class) and one food related (like a Thai class or a tamale making class). I've taken cooking classes before and I enjoy doing it. I'd like to improve my kitchen skills and learn to make new dishes.

Every month I'll post my progress on these goals.

Do you have any goals this year?


  1. Great job on the losing debt and weight. Those aren't easy sometimes! And I love these monthly goals as well. Makes them a lot more attainable. I like the idea of doing something for you and you alone. Often times we keep doing things for others we forget ourselves!

  2. These are such great goals! I have been wanting to work on estate planning too - it was on my list over Christmas but didn't happen. Kind of a recurring theme. :(


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