Monday, December 5, 2016

Hang A Thousand Trees with Ribbon by Ann Rinaldi

I admit I hadn't heard of Phillis Wheatley prior to picking up Hang A Thousand Trees With Ribbons. I have enjoyed Rinaldi's other books and this one was no different. Rinaldi brought Wheatley's life to life so vividly.

Phillis arrived in America as many Africans did in the 1700's, on a slave ship. Phillis was stolen from Africa and brought with her mother and friend to America. Phillis had little idea what would happen to her once they arrived but Phillis was purchased by a family. At first, Phillis did the usual house slave tasks, helped with meal preparations, housekeeping, laundry, etc. But when the son of the man who bought her noticed that she seemed to learn to English quickly and could read, Phillis received tutoring and education. Phillis had something in her that gave her the words to write. I believe that some people have gifts and I was so glad to hear that she was able to use her talent when so many Africans who were brought to America during that time weren't given a chance.

I enjoyed Hang A Thousand Trees with Ribbons. A great introduction to the life of Phillis Wheatley. Others who shared their thoughts on Hang A Thousand Trees With Ribbons: The Book Bag, Life Wordsmith, and Books For Keeps.
This was my third read for the What's in A Name Challenge, Title with "tree" in it category.

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