Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Doctor Wears A Stetson by Anne Marie Novark

I downloaded The Doctor Wears A Stetson in order to finish up the What's In A Name Challenge. I enjoyed this sweet and steamy romance.

At 15, Jessie went to the prom with handsome senior, Cameron. Cameron knew what he wanted in his life and staying in this small Texas town was not it. When Cameron left town, he took Jessie's heart with it. After seventeen years, Cameron comes back to town for his mom's big birthday party. Jessie doesn't expect anything to happen with Cameron but after he sees her, Cameron decides to pursue Jessie. Jessie and Cameron both have strong feelings towards each other but not sure about what they want. Cameron feels a sense of peace with Jessie but doesn't want to stay in this small Texas town. Jessie is attracted to Cameron but she's made promises to others and feels obligated to keep them. Will Cameron be able to melt Jessie's resolve or will Jessie convince Cameron to stay?

Overall this was a fun read. Plenty of sexy times. Cute romance. I do want to check out the rest of the series. Others who shared their thoughts on The Doctor Wears A Stetson: Mrs. Julien Presents and Romance Writer and Lover of Books.
This book satisfies the profession category for the What's In A Name Challenge.

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