Friday, December 9, 2016

Island Dresses by Roderick J Robison

I choose Island Dresses because I needed a book with a clothing item in the title for the What's In A Name Challenge. I got an adorable story about a young girl who got to spend a summer on a small island.

Cheri has been looking forward to her summer all school year. This year, Cheri and her friend are going to day camp. It's going to be the best summer ever. But right as the school year ends, Cheri's mother changes her plans and sends Cheri to stay with her aunt and cousin on a remote island. Cheri is upset. There's no electricity or indoor plumbing on the island. She isn't sure what she'll do there all summer. But slowly Cheri learns what fun she can have without her phone.

This would be a great read for a young kid. Imagining what they could on a remote island. What kind of adventures they would have. Others who shared their thoughts on Island Dresses: Readers' Favorite.
This was my fourth read for the What's In A Name Challenge.

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