Friday, December 30, 2016

Year In Review-The Life Edition

I'm in denial about how much time I have to read more books before 2016 is over. But this year was a banner year in the SLM household. Even though globally so many things feel wrong (Brexit, the election, all the celebrity deaths), things in my house are quite right.

We bought a house! 
I would like to do a whole tour but I want to finish unpacking (yes, still) before I give the grand tour. Expect that in 2020.

We moved!
It took us two months to get the new house ready and the old house packed up. 

One of our closest friends got married!
Tai was in the wedding party. It was a great wedding and wonderful to see the happy couple. 

I finished my Invisalign treatment!
It was a PITA but I'm glad it's done. 

We went to Portland! I have no pictures but I swear we went. 

I got a new car!
My old Camry went kaput so we got a Honda Fit.
We adopted Houdini!
Since we bought the house, I've been anxious to get a dog. On Christmas Eve, Tai and I went to our local humane society and Houdini choose us to live with. He's 2. He's our lovable guy.

There are parts of 2016 I didn't like but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Looking forward to 2017.


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