Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beauty Roundup-Body

For the next installment of my beauty roundup, I'll be talking about my body care products.
First, my shower gel. Actually, body wash. Recently I've been using Method's Body Wash. I really like Method's products. It actually looks the body wash I'm currently using-Olive Oil-is discontinued. That's really too bad. I do like it a lot. I also like Dove's Calming Night and Energy Glow. Both of those really make my skin feel nice and soft. Whenever Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is on sale, I'll buy it. I like it but it's expensive for such a little bottle.
For body lotion, I love love love White Rain Shea Butter body lotion. I bought this stuff for a buck! It smells so yummy. Mr A loves the way it smells-slightly vanilla and slightly coconut. It moisturizes so well. But when my skin really needs a little extra care I use Jojoba oil. I buy mine from Sensaria. But I've tried the stuff from the grocery store too and it works just as well. Jojoba just sinks into your skin right away. If you have a sun burn or skin irritation will work wonders.
I love my body buff scrubber.
It's got two sides. One side is a little more abrasive so it exfoliates really well. Sometimes it's a little too much but the other side isn't nearly as abrasive. Mr A and I both have one which we bought at Fred Meyer's. I think we bought them over the summer and they are still going strong.

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