Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Sea of Flowers

I'm not a huge flower person. I love carnations since they are the flower of my birth month. I dislike roses since everyone gives roses. I told Mr A when we first started dating that I didn't want rose. In fact I would be upset if he gave me roses. He should come up with some original, something he wanted to give me. Don't give me something just because you should or you think you are supposed to.
My indifference to flowers makes choosing a florist and flowers for the wedding kind of hard. I do like carnations. I might use them in some of the bouquets and arrangements but to most people carnations are cheap, filler flowers. So people won't give me grief about it, I'll use them sparingly. I also have a really hard time spending a few hundred dollars on something that will last a few hours. I rather people enjoy the natural beauty of our site, but tables have to have something on them, the bridesmaids have to carry something, and the guys need boutineers!
I asked Mr A if he saw his groomsmen should be wearing boutineers. He stopped playing his game for a few mintues and said yeah, I think they should.
I saw these a few weeks ago:
At first I thought well that looks too hard to do. But the more I thought about it. I decided that it probably wouldn't take too long and I could choose the exact color I wanted.
Now, I know, you're looking at them, saying Miss A, those are roses!
Yes, I know. But I haven't liked the look of other ribbon roses. I think these look real enough so when people see them, they will think they are really roses. I doubt the groomsmen will keep them but I won't feel so bad. I can make them now and if I change my mind, no big deal.
If you'd like to see how to make them, go here.

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  1. I feel the same way about roses! I dont know why but I never really cared for them...... I love carnations too, I think because I always got carnations after ballet recitals, and they last forever!!


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