Tuesday, November 13, 2007

With This Ring...

When Mr A and I got engaged, we were going to use my greatgrandmother's engagment ring as my engagement ring. But it's too small for my finger and I'm scared to take a 100 year old ring to Jared's to get resized. It's not important to me to have to right now anyway because Mr A wanted us to have matching engagement bands. We found (on eBay) a matching set of titanium rings. I'm totally happy with them but Mr A would like them to have a little more color.
When we bought these on eBay, I saw a few rings with color through the middle, but not in sets. I thought I might replace these rings with rings with color as a holiday gift. So, I'm searching for affordable, stylish rings. I thought I'd share my search with you. No fear in Mr A finding out what his holiday gift is now. I doubt he reads my blog and I'm horrible at keeping secrets from him.
So here's what I found:
( From etsy seller RobandLean)Ok so not really color, but more interesting that plain titatium. That's wood there in the middle. I think it's masculine looking so I think Mr A would approve but I don't think it would look so good on my finger. Especially once I get my greatgrandmother's ring resized.

(From etsy seller Shade Jeweler) I like the color in this ring and according to the seller, you can get any color you want. I'm just not a fan of the circles!

(From etsy seller Shade Jeweler). I really like this one. This what the seller states about this beauty: "This ring is the same as my Deeply Carved Titanium Ring, but with a permanent multicoloring, which I call a "confetti color". The color processing is known as anodizing. It leaves a very strong layer of coloring on the metal. The coloring is multi-colored and actually changes based on the light and angle of viewing. The coloring will not wear off, it is not a paint or a stain of any kind, and it will not peel or fade, it actually changes the color of the metal. " I think this is my style as well as Mr A's. I love the deeply grooved parts of the ring as well as the coloring. The seller states that matched sets can be made. And the best part is that each ring is only $80! What a steal!
I'm becoming addicted to etsy! It's an online marketplace for people who make their own wares. I love to see how creative people are!

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