Friday, November 9, 2007

Beauty Roundup-Hair

I love talking about my hair products. I love love love my hair! I'm blessed with really good hair. I have a varied diet with lots of good fats, so my hair is very healthy. But I do believe that my hair products are partly responsible for how freaking good my hair looks.
For years, I would switch shampoos and conditioners. I would use Pantene, Finesse, Nature's Gate, Neutrogena. Each would would work as promised for a few weeks. My hair would shine. Then, flat nothing! It would stop working. I bought clarifying shampoo and that would help but nothing would regain those beginning days. So I would find another shampoo.
A few years ago, I was introduced to a brand called Sensaria (back then it was called Natural Bodycare). It's one of those sell at home companies. I went to a party and learned about their facial products. I liked their products and used them occasionally. Then at one party (my friends all use one or two of their products so we take turns hosting the parties) I noticed they had shampoos and conditioners. I was in a hair care rut, I decided to try to their shampoo. OMG, my hair felt clean and healthy. The conditioner was so wonderful that I hardly needed more than a squirt. I choose to try the Rosemary Mint which is for normal hair but over time I've tried the whole line-Sweet Orange, Mango, and Cherry Almond. I think each on is terrific.
Over the past 4 years (!), I have strayed. I admit it. But I come rushing back to Sensaria every time. Nothing works on my hair quite the same.
I don't sell Sensaria so I don't profit from my shameless plugs. I tell everyone how wonderful their product is because I truly feel like it is.
As far as styling product, I use whatever I find cheap at the store. I have no favorites here. I don't put a lot of product in my hair on a daily basis. I do like Garnier Fructis Style Surf Texture Paste. It gets my hair all piecey. When I go out dancing, I like using that on my hair. Which means I hardly ever use it now!

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  1. lol... wait until you try the body wash. I use the Rosemary Mint body wash... it is as good as the shampoos & conditioners are. I love the way my skin feels after a shower. That you must try.

    I actually do sell it (or I'm suppose to)... but mainly I am a Rep for the discount because I buy so much of it that it is worth it for me cost-wise, but also help my cousin above me who is running on one kidney.

    Sensaria products I use are:
    1. Cherry Almond/Rosemary Mint/Mango Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash.
    2. Normal/Combination Skincare system... oh with my Clarisonic skin brush that cost me only $95 to get through Sensaria instead of the ridiculous prices out there when I first got it... ehem over $200.
    3. Skin Perfecting Serum, which is a great makeup primer... just as great as Smashbox's.
    4. Lots of serums & masks. Fun stuff!
    5. Sweet & Smooth Salt Scrub, which actually makes shaving a whole lot easier and razors last longer after using this scrub. The oils left behind after lightly rinsing to remove the salt & sugar make the razor glide well... no friction which wears out your razor and no razor burn to deal with either. I use Gillette razors only, so that's a big expense I'm saving on using S&S.
    6. I use Renew & Rejuvenate lotion and mud body scrub... but normally people like the fragranced ones... I prefer stuff with minerals from mud. I kinda use the mud body scrub as a mask... let it sit on my skin to soak it mud goodness to re-mineralize my skin.
    7. Coconut Body Butter that I mix with Archipelago Botanicals Brown Sugar butter... makes a delicious DELICIOUS fragrance if you like candy-fragrances.
    8. Their new manicure kit is to die for. This just released last month and it has every hand product needed to do a really nice manicure without the paint & filing. I was so impressed that I bought 5 kits and gave them to friends. There is also the foot care collection for pedicures... they recently added a foot mask. I could swear this stuff rivals Creative brand products.

    I don't care much for their new LipShape... which is like one of those lip plumpers. But I like Lip Smooth which sloughs off dead skin on lips in a way I've never seen before. I definitely don't like the body brush, it falls apart and I wish they'd upgrade the bristles to cactus hairs which are more durable and natural. Pretty much you can't go wrong with Sensaria... there are so many great products to use.


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