Friday, May 22, 2009

ABC's Of Me

I stole this from Rachel. It looked like fun.

A - Age: 33
B - Bed size: Queen
C - Chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom, emptying the dishwasher, taking out the trash, vacuuming. I hate all chores except laundry.
D - Dog's name: No puppies at this time.
E - Essential start your day item: Dan-active, my meds and a shower.
F - Favorite color: I’m favoring blue these days, but I like all colors.

G - Gold or Silver or Platinum: Usually silver or platinum
H - Height: 5'8"
I - Instruments you play: None, like Rachel I took piano when I was kid.

J - Job title: Advocate
K - Kid(s): None of those either
L - Living arrangements: One bedroom apartment with hubby

M - Mom's name: Connie
N - Nicknames: Tai has a bunch of random nicknames for me like beautiful baby or shea butter butt.
O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None
P - Pet Peeve: People who block doors or stand in the middle of the sidewalk.
Q - Quote from a movie:
Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?- From Wayne's World. I still say this.
R - Right handed or left handed: Right
S - Siblings: One older brother
T - Time you wake up: 6:20am
U- Underwear: Like as in do I wear any or what kind do I wear? Bikinis
V - Vegetable you dislike: None. I love all veggies.

W - Ways you run late: slept late, left late, traffic
X - X-rays you've had: dental
Y - Yummy food you make: Curry, spaghetti, pizza
Z - Zoo favorite: I like seeing all the animals. No real favorites.

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  1. Ooh a curry spaghetti pizza sounds like a major culinary challenge. But if you got it right you could charge $40 a pie and sell it to those crazy gastronomy people.


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