Monday, May 18, 2009

Farmer's Market Haul

Nothing too extraordinary this week. Again not much there in the way of produce and we have some stuff from last week. I got more lettuce, asparagus and onions (green and yellow). Last week I saw a guy selling bread. I didn't really need any then but this week I stopped and picked up a loaf of garlic herb. I think that will go well with the sweet Italian sausage I picked up there too. I've never bought meat at the farmer's market but I was willing to try it. Especially after I heard a couple arguing about how many pounds to buy. It must be good if people are willing to stock up on it.
I heard a rumor that sugar snap peas will be available next week. I love sugar snap peas so let's see how much I'll buy.


  1. I would have to travel over 50+ miles to get to a Farmer's Market..I'm jealous! Hope you get those sugar snap peas next week!!

  2. Can't wait for the Farmer's Market this weekend! We bought some very good grass-fed beef at the markets last year. It was extremely lean, so we had to be careful not to overcook.


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