Thursday, May 7, 2009

Steak, Tacos & Ice Cream on Capitol Hill

The other night Ashley, Marta and I went to Capitol Hill to try Tin Table. I was interested after Marta got a recommendation from a coworker. Tin Table is in the same building as the Century Ballroom where Marta, Ashley and I used to take swing dancing lessons. I knew what I was ordering before we got there. I wanted to try to the cheese plate and I always can count on Ashley to share cheese plates with me.The triple cream in the middle was divine. I like drunken goat on the top of the plate so that was a winner. So was the pecorino.
Marta got the baked olives and almonds which turned out to be a real treat.I'd never had baked olives before. They were delicious.We all tried the same entree-the Steak Frites. If it on the menu I have to have it. This one had a blue cheese butter on top. The sauce it was sitting in was better though. We all liked it.
Marta ordered the Spicy Molten Chocolate Cake. The Chantilly cream on top was delicious.
After Tin Table we headed over to Rancho Bravo Tacos. I heard about the famous taco truck opening their own store on Nancy Leson's blog, All You Can Eat.
Ashley was pretty excited since she'd eaten at their Wallingford outpost. I was not disappointed.
I only had room for one taco! I tried the pork carnitas taco topped just the way I like it. I'll be making trips to Capitol Hill for these tacos. Cheap too! Just $2 each.
And lastly the reason we were so excited to head to Tin Table. It's in the same building as the new Molly Moon location.
Almost no line on this rainy May day. Full, we got our ice cream to go and headed home. This is now my favorite block in Seattle!


  1. That cheese plate looks very good. But yucky, olives! I could never wrap my tongue around those.

  2. I love pork carnitas tacos!! Yummy!! And ice cream!!!
    I would have gorged myself on those- the cheese plate looks okay, I'm not a big fan of olives.

    So, do the 3 of you get out once a week for dinner?? That's really cool!

  3. all of those food photos look divine!!! I would love to spend a week in Seattle just discovering places like those!! Lucky Girl!

  4. I must remember never to visit your blog when I'm hungry - lol!
    I'd love to visit Seattle.


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