Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

I love Cinco De Mayo. I wish it was a weekend so I could enjoy a few tequilas!We'll probably have a quick taco salad like the one above. But if you need a little inspiration, here are some recipes I've been wanting to try. Let me know if you try one.

Smoky Spicy Tamale Pie-I'm still wanting to try this one.
Simple Perfect Enchiladas-PW you can't go wrong!
Tex-Mex Breakfast-I should have tried this one when I had Jimmy Dean sausage. Although I think it would be yummy with chorizo.
Tacos Al Pastor-One of my favorites! I especially like how he tops them in the picture-with cilantro and onion.

Whatever you make today, have a great Cinco De Mayo!


  1. I totally forgot it was Cinco De Mayo but I was already planning on making a taco salad anyway. Kinda funny really.

    Happy Cinco De Mayo to you.

  2. Happy Cinco de Mayo! That Tamale Pie sounds delicious.

  3. I will most definitely have to try these out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tex-Mex Mexican food. Good thing I live down here in Texas, then, huh? ;-)

    We were thinking of fajitas - simple and always good. Oh, and I most definitely plan on having a margarita.
    Which reminds me of why sometimes it's best to NOT have Cico de Mayo on a weekend.... I'm remembering a weekend Cinco de Mayo about 8 years ago.... it's patchy, and not just because it was 8 years ago.....

  4. I've made that tamale pie- it's delish

  5. Your salad looks delicious!!


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