Monday, May 4, 2009

Faith 21

I forgot that Forever 21 opened their plus size store, Faith 21, on Friday. Sadly the clothes aren't available in my local store, just online for me. About a dozen stores have the line in store. The line looks small, about 30 items or so. Hopefully they add more cause I like what I see.I'm really digging these ruffles. I can see this tunic over some skinny jeans. So sexy. I love showing off the cleavage!
A sweet little summer dress. Perfect for casual dinners.


  1. I have never understood from a marketing stand point why the fashion industry chooses to throw away basically half the populations money? If the average size woman is a 14 then that means they're excluding half of women from all of the stores with little to no plus size section.

  2. I am not a plus-size, but I am excited about Faith-21 too! Because I have curves and hips and breasts, I can sometimes get an extra large top at forever 21...sometimes. I agree with blablover, they have been ignoring a huge segment of the population.

  3. I like some of these too, and might try them out since a lot of Forever 21's extra-larges don't fit me (and I'm usually a size 12-14).

    But the model in the 2nd and 3rd photos? What's with the face? She looks miserable. Don't know what's up with that.

  4. I heard about this new line on the radio and was excited that they're doing this. I love the ruffle top and black dress. So cute!

  5. Those are all gorgeous. I love that ruffly top!


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